Wings remain no. 1 in second quarter power rankings

by Chad Marescalchi

ELITE "B" Power Rankings - Week 3

The ELITE "B" division continues to deliver thrilling hockey action, and after six games played, the power rankings are starting to take shape. Let's break down the standings and discuss the key storylines from this week:

1. Red Wings (W: 5, L: 0, OT: 1, Pts: 11)

Win Percentage: .917

Goals For (GF): 31

Goals Against (GA): 11

Goal Differential: +20

Home Record: 3-0-1

Away Record: 2-0-0

Last 10 Games: 5-0-1

Current Streak: Win 1

Next Game: Oct 16 vs Fighters

Staying put in the no. 1 spot, The Red Wings are off to a flying start, perched at the top of the ELITE "B" division with an almost flawless record. They've demonstrated outstanding offensive firepower and strong defensive play, boasting an impressive +20 goal differential.

2. Pizza Villa Pylons (W: 4, L: 2, OT: 0, Pts: 8)

Win Percentage: .667

Goals For (GF): 22

Goals Against (GA): 23

Goal Differential: -1

Home Record: 1-2-0

Away Record: 3-0-0

Last 10 Games: 4-2-0

Current Streak: Win 3

Next Game: Oct 17 at Jiffy

Moving up six spots from September 19th's power rankings are the Pizza Villa Pylon, whos are on the rise, powered by a three-game winning streak and a perfect road record. Their ability to secure victories away from home is a testament to their resilience and adaptability.

2. REYNOLDS & SON (W: 4, L: 2, OT: 0, PTS: 8)

Win Percentage: .667

Goals For (GF): 28

Goals Against (GA): 16

Goal Differential: +12

Home Record: 3-1-0

Away Record: 1-1-0

Last 10 Games: 4-2-0

Current Streak: Win 2

Next Game: Oct 17 at Whalers

Reynolds & Sons have proven their mettle, holding on to the second spot with a well-rounded performance. Their home record and goal differential showcase their competitive edge, and a two-game winning streak demonstrates their form.

As we move down the standings, the competition remains fierce. Jiffy Car Wash, Yosaku, Whalers, and Maine Beer Co. Bucks are all closely packed, making for an exciting race for playoff spots. Meanwhile, the Huskies and Portland Firefighters are looking to bounce back from recent setbacks.

With several weeks left in the season, the ELITE "B" division promises more exciting matchups, surprising upsets, and intense battles for supremacy. Stay tuned as the teams continue to jockey for position and fight for a chance at championship glory.