Wild Card Preview: Jiffy vs Firefighters

by Chad Marescalchi

The upcoming Wild Card clash between Jiffy Car Wash and Portland Firefighters promises an exhilarating display of hockey prowess as these two teams vie for dominance on the ice.

Team Leaders

Jiffy Car Wash enters the showdown with key leaders at the forefront:

Josh Boeddeker: An offensive powerhouse with 8 points in 8 games, combining scoring finesse with a relentless drive.

Sean Mcdonald: Despite fewer games, Mcdonald boasts an impressive 8 points, showcasing his ability to make every moment count.

Luke Ratliff (Goalie): A stalwart presence in the net, Ratliff’s .867 save percentage and resilience aim to stifle the Firefighters’ offense.

On the other end:

Jake Garrison: A consistent performer for the Firefighters with 15 points in 9 games, steering the team’s offensive strategy.

Luis Grimaldi: His defensive prowess adds stability to the Firefighters' lineup, contributing significantly to their game plan.


The previous encounters between these titans have been nail-biters, with Jiffy Car Wash claiming victory by slim margins of 5-4 and 3-2. Expect the Firefighters to come in hungry for revenge, aiming to turn the tide in this riveting rivalry.

Team Stats

Both teams exhibit areas of strength and improvement:

Jiffy Car Wash: Currently experiencing a slight dip in form with a recent loss and aiming to enhance their power play and penalty kill efficiencies.

Portland Firefighters: Despite a lower goal average, they maintain a marginally better power play and penalty kill, seeking to leverage these aspects in their favor.


As these teams take the ice, the stage is set for a thrilling showdown. Jiffy Car Wash holds a psychological edge with previous victories, but the Firefighters are eager to reverse their fortunes. Expect a tight, action-packed game where every shot, save, and pass could determine the final outcome. Fans brace yourselves for an evening of heart-stopping hockey action!