Reynolds get back in win column

by Chad Marescalchi

Portland, Maine -- In an exciting ice hockey showdown that kept fans on the edge of their seats, Reynolds & Son emerged victorious against Jiffy Car Wash with a final score of 9-5. The game showcased intense action, brilliant scoring, and a few penalties that added to the drama.

First Period: Reynolds & Son Sets the Tone

The game kicked off with a bang as Shane Arnold of Reynolds & Son, assisted by Dan Brown, found the back of the net at 12:28, giving his team the early lead. The momentum continued for Reynolds & Son when Steve Moore (assisted by Nick Demers) extended their lead to 2-0 at 09:55.

Jiffy Car Wash was determined not to be left behind, and Quinton Farr managed to score at 09:24, closing the gap to 2-1. However, Nick Demers, in a shorthanded situation, struck back at 03:08, making it 3-1 in favor of Reynolds & Son.

Jiffy Car Wash managed to capitalize on a power play, as Breac Baker (assisted by James Hannigan) pulled them within one goal at 01:44, with the score at 3-2. But Bjorn Nordwall (assisted by Shane Arnold) of Reynolds & Son responded quickly at 00:45, ending the period with a 4-2 lead for Reynolds & Son.

Second Period: Reynolds & Son Widens the Gap

Jiffy Car Wash aimed to stage a comeback, and Nathan Donaldson (assisted by Quinton Farr and Kaleb Holliday) managed to get a goal at 11:20, closing the gap to 4-3.

However, Reynolds & Son continued to dominate the second period. Nick Demers (assisted by Dan Brown) extended their lead to 5-3 at 06:18, and Matt Lee made it 6-3 at 02:06. With just 23 seconds left in the period, Dan Brown (assisted by Bjorn Nordwall) added another goal, ending the period with a commanding 7-3 lead for Reynolds & Son.

Third Period: Reynolds & Son Secures Victory

The third period saw Reynolds & Son maintaining their momentum. Shane Arnold scored shorthanded at 12:19, taking the score to 8-3. Dan Brown added another shorthanded goal at 11:39, further widening the gap to 9-3.

Jiffy Car Wash managed to score on a power play, as Dan O'Connell (assisted by Chris Ledue) brought the score to 9-4 at 10:42. However, despite their efforts, Nathan Donaldson (assisted by Joe Sabolak) was the last to score, concluding the game at 9-5.

Penalty Drama

The game also witnessed some penalty action, with Galen Arnold (Reynolds & Son) receiving a minor penalty for tripping at 03:48 in the first period. In the third period, Matt Lee was penalized for hooking at 12:33, and Bjorn Nordwall was called for tripping at 02:54.

In the end, Reynolds & Son's dominance and offensive firepower proved too much for Jiffy Car Wash to handle, resulting in a 9-5 victory for Reynolds & Son. The game was a thrilling showcase of ice hockey at its best, with plenty of goals and excitement for the fans.