Red Wings Get Back on Track With a 4-2 Victory Over Portland Firefighters

by Wolf Stansson

Red Wings Get Back on Track With a 4-2 Victory Over Portland Firefighters

In a redemptive performance at the William B. Troubh Ice Arena on October 16, 2023, the Red Wings soared to a convincing 4-2 triumph over the Portland Firefighters, firmly reestablishing their winning form.

From the very outset, the Red Wings showcased their intent to regain their stride. Brian Leighton ignited the scoreboard just 3 minutes and 48 seconds into the game, and with another swift goal, assisted by Vince Peppo and Chris Eckoff at 02:47, the Red Wings held an early 2-0 lead.

The second period saw Ryan Denison extending their lead to 3-0, but the Portland Firefighters mounted a spirited comeback with Oliver Silverson's goal, bringing the score to 3-1.

As the game reached its climax in the third period, Vince Peppo's goal, masterfully assisted by Tom Strattard, put the victory beyond doubt, with the Red Wings leading 4-1. A late surge by the Portland Firefighters saw Jake Garrison tally one more goal, but it wasn't sufficient to turn the tide.

The standout players of the night were recognized as stars. Tom Strattard, with two crucial assists, earned the first star for the Red Wings, while Brian Leighton, with two vital goals, secured the second star. Luke Ratliff of the Portland Firefighters was awarded the third star for his noteworthy performance as the goaltender, making an impressive 31 saves.