Preview: Yosaku vs Huskies

by Chad Marescalchi

The Troubh Ice Arena is set for an enthralling clash as Yosaku and Huskies gear up for another intense battle, promising fans an evening of heart-pounding action on the ice.

Team Leaders

Yosaku showcases a lineup led by:

Tim Hebert: A scoring sensation with 11 points in 7 games, setting the pace for Yosaku's offensive strategy.

Nate Guerin: A consistent performer with 8 points in 7 games, adding depth to the team's offensive firepower.

Evan Lewis (Goalie): Despite challenges, Lewis remains a formidable presence, aiming to bolster Yosaku's defensive stance.

On the opposing end:

Chris Howe: A key contributor with 20 points in 12 games, Howe brings experience and skill to the Huskies' lineup.

Kyle Huber: With a solid 9 points in just as many games, Hubers' efficiency in limited appearances signifies his impact on the Huskies' offense and defense.


Previous encounters favored The Huskies, securing a commanding 5-2 victory in their last matchup. Yosaku, hungry for redemption, will look to turn the tables and even the score in this anticipated rematch.

Team Stats

Both teams display strengths and areas for improvement:

Yosaku: Riding a positive streak with a higher goal-for average (GFA), they aim to capitalize on their power play opportunities.

Huskies: Despite recent struggles, their stronger power play and penalty kill percentages signify their ability to convert special team situations.


As the puck drops, anticipation surges for another thrilling encounter. Yosaku aims to maintain their momentum, while the Huskies seek to stage a turnaround. Expect a fiercely contested match where every goal and save could sway the momentum in favor of one determined team.