Piece Corps Prevails with a 4-2 Victory Over Portland Chicks

by Wolf Stansson

Title: "Piece Corps Prevails with a 4-2 Victory Over Portland Chicks"

Date: September 21, 2023

Venue: William B. Troubh Ice Arena, Portland, ME


In a high-octane contest, featuring 2023 Summer Season Champions, Piece Corps clashed with the Portland Chicks at the illustrious William B. Troubh Ice Arena on September 21, 2023. This fiercely fought battle culminated in a thrilling 4-2 victory for the Piece Corps.

Early Showdown: Chicks Take the Lead

The stage was set for a gripping encounter as the Portland Chicks wasted no time making their presence felt. In the 1st period, at precisely 13:37, Thatcher Creber seized the opportunity and fired a shot past the Piece Corps' goaltender Alex Kremer. Assisted by line mates Chris Howe and Chris Vashon, Creber's goal saw the Chicks draw first blood 23.0 seconds into the game.

Piece Corps Responds: Busher's Heroics

Unfazed by the early deficit, the Piece Corps showcased their resilience and offensive prowess. In the 2nd period, at the 10:15 mark, Rob Busher delivered a remarkable solo effort, netting a goal that left both teams deadlocked at 1-1. 

Third-Period Drama: Piece Corps Seals The Win

The third period bore witness to an exhilarating back and forth contest. Michael Hatch, backed by the impeccable teamwork of Derek Tilloston and Sean McDonald, orchestrated a critical breakthrough at 12:42. Hatch's goal pushed the Piece Corps into a 2-1 lead, setting the stage for an electrifying finale.

However, the Portland Chicks remained unyielding. At 11:05, Chris Howe scored, leveling the playing field at 2-2 with Chris Vashon picking up his second assist of the night on the goal.

Sealing the Victory: Hatch Shines Again

At the 9:31 mark of the third period, Bobby Kinsey's goal, assisted by Colin Stevens, gave Piece Corps  a 3-2 lead when he recieved a perfect breakout pass from Stevens and quickly entered the zone and ripped  a bar-down shot past Casey's glove.

Amidst the Chicks' valiant efforts to stage a comeback,  Piece Corps executed the ultimate game-changer. With the clock ticking down, at 1:23, Michael Hatch capitalized on an empty-net opportunity, solidifying the Piece Corps' triumph with a final score of 4-2.

Star Performances Illuminate the Night

In a game that featured standout performances on both sides of the rink, three stars emerged as the brightest of them all. Alex Kremer of the Piece Corps earned the first star accolade, demonstrating unwavering composure with 26 saves and conceding only 2 goals. 

Michael Hatch, also of the Piece Corps, claimed the second star, exhibiting offensive prowess with two pivotal goals. 

For the Portland Chicks, Adam Casey secured the third star, displaying remarkable resilience by making 32 saves, despite facing an onslaught from the relentless Piece Corps offense.

Next Up: Chicks (0-3) have a short turn around as they try to get their first win next Tuesday 9/26 @9:20pm vs.league leading and undefeated Team Letellier (3-0).

                 Piece Corps (2-1) will be on the road next week to face Gongshow (1-2) on Wednesday 9/27 @10:15pm