Desper named Elite 'Beauty of the Week'

by Chad Marescalchi

Game 1 (October 8, 2023 - Yosaku vs. Pizza Villa Pylons):

In the game against Yosaku, Jesse Desper displayed exceptional skills and prowess on the ice. With a remarkable performance, they scored 3 goals, provided a crucial assist, accumulating a total of 4 points. Their on-ice finesse and ability to find the back of the net made a significant impact on the game, demonstrating their scoring ability.

Game 2 (October 3, 2023 - Pizza Villa Pylons vs. Huskies):

In the matchup against the Huskies, Desper showcased hisversatility by contributing with 2 assists, tallying 2 points for the game. Their playmaking ability and vision on the ice were instrumental in setting up scoring opportunities for their teammates.

Overall Performance for the Week:

Across both games, Jesse Desper exhibited a well-rounded skill set, combining goal-scoring proficiency and playmaking finesse. With a total of 6 points over the week and a commitment to teamwork without accumulating any penalty minutes, they exemplified the essence of the game. This outstanding performance rightfully earns them the title of "Beauty of the Week" for their exceptional contributions to the Pizza Villa Pylons in the Elite League.