AutoMile Motors Maintains Perfection in Inaugural Season with Win Over Piece Corps

by Lady Byng

William B. Troubh Ice Arena: AutoMile Motors continued their remarkable run in their debut season, maintaining a perfect record with a hard-fought victory against Piece Corps. Despite facing a determined opponent, AutoMile Motors showcased their resilience and determination to secure another crucial win.

Game Recap: In a high-scoring affair, AutoMile Motors displayed their offensive prowess, capitalizing on scoring opportunities throughout the game. Despite Piece Corps' relentless efforts to mount a comeback, AutoMile Motors held firm, ultimately emerging victorious in a thrilling 6-5 showdown.

Three Stars of the Game:

1st Star: Bob Burke of AutoMile Motors, with 36 saves

2nd Star: Drew Rodrique of AutoMile Motors, contributing with 2 assists.

3rd Star: Curtis Judd of Piece Corps, scoring 2 goals in a valiant effort.

Despite facing a barrage of shots from Piece Corps, Bob Burke's resilience in goal proved crucial in securing the win for AutoMile Motors. With both teams showcasing offensive firepower, this matchup will surely be remembered as one of the season's most thrilling encounters. One thing is for certain – the rematch will be a highly anticipated contest and a new rivalry in the Premier Division has emerged.